Winter time

Last year we had no winter at all. When December started mild and wet again, I feared we'd go the same way. But the last 10 days have been quite colds with freezing nights and this week also freezing temperatures during day time. And I love it!

Apparently the windless freezing weather keeps a lot of fine polluted dust in the air, so the smog alert is active again. For a couple of days we are only allowed to drive 90 km/h on most of the highways.

But when I looked outside today I did not notice any polution, I only noticed the absolute beauty of the nature where the night fog had been frozen in a delicate way.


Dearest E, hello beautiful - sorry I haven't been over for a while - no excuse - even your mum & dad popped over the other day! Please tell them I send my love & hugs for Christmas :-)
These photos are beautiful - you should post more!! I love them - you have a great eye!

Love to the family!!

Love Zotdink
anno said…
Beautiful photos! These were a great treat -- thanks for posting them!
This looks absolutely beautiful! I'm sorry you're all dealing with a pollution alert, though.
Wholly Burble said…
Beautiful pictures--nature is exquisite at times.

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