Nemo 33

Yesterday we went scuba diving with the diving club in nice clear water of 33° (86F). And we only had to travel half an hour Nemo33. This is the world's deepest pool located at the edge of Brussels, specially designed for divers with a platform at 5 m, one 10m with lots of windows at the restaurant/bar, a passage way with 2 air-filled caves at -7m and -9m and a deep pit going down to -33m.

There are quite strict rules on what you can take inside (no own material except goggles , fins and computer), how much time before admittance you have to register, who can enter the building (+12 years only), ... And 'naturally' in Brussels you have difficulty getting any drink ordered, getting any information, ...when you ask your questions in Dutch. Grrrr, how hard can it be to serve a glass of water in Dutch? Or to explain the rules which get announced out loud every hour in both Dutch and French? Brussels is such a great bilingual city (grin).

But the dive was quite nice. I had not been diving in the last 10 months but it went much better than I had anticipated. Obviously diving in a pool isn't as exciting as diving in the wild nature, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Since my diving buddy had difficulties clearing her ears, we didn't manage going all the way down, but that's fine by me. 21,5m is my record nevertheless and I'm sure we'll go back sometime with the club, so I can get to those 33 meters another time.

Everybody waving at the parents and supporters in the bar're on camera


Jen said…
You asked once if I'd been diving? No, it's something I still haven't accomplished. Having the oxygen tanks, etc., feels claustrophobic to me, but I hear from all my diving friends that it's crazy that I love snorkeling so much and won't dive.

I'm so glad you had that experience! How wonderful that there is a place like that.
Jenn in Holland said…
This sounds extremely cool! What a great challenge to get to 33! I have never been diving, but everytime I hear about it or think about it, I am always intrigued.
blah said…
that first shot is great !! you should post them larger!!!
anno said…
Great shots! This looks like fun!
Allie said…
I love the fact that you and Jan have this passion for diving. I wish that I could get over my fear of open water (meaning lakes, oceans etc) as there is so many beautiful things out there to discover.

I guess that I will just have to live vicariously in the two of you. LOVE the pictures!!

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