It was great

My friends and I spent last days sending a couple of e-mails to each other per day "oh the first dive is going to start" "I feel like an after-lunch nap on the upper deck" "ready for the second dive?" "the boat must be back by now" "first a quick shower, then a drink outside?"...
We are back...but not yet in our minds. After only 6 days on the boat, we all seem to have trouble realising that our diving vacation is over! I suppose it's been good :)

It was the second time we went to Hurghada, Egypt and so it felt already a bit like home: we knew where we were going, which restaurant was nice, we knew the instructors at the dive club, ... But this time there were for of us: Jan, me and 2 of my good friends who were willing to try diving after our enthousiastic stories. They took a course and got certified as PADI Open Water divers and after their first hesitant attempts, they now seem to be bitten by the bug as well. And I must say they dive better than I did last year !
I also gained more confidence, managed my buoyancy much better than last year (no more shooting upwards without control during the safety stop, not much waving with my hands anymore when hoovering above a reef while checking out a fish hidden in the corals), ... and I got the PADI Advanced Open Water certification after taking 5 specialty dives with an instructor: deep dive (29m), drift dive, boat dive, navigation dive and peak performance buoyancy. Yihaaaaa :)

We dived with a mirror like sea, we dived against (ouch! I have pudding legs) and with (huh are we here already?) current, we tanned on the deck and we cudled up with our sweater inside, we enjoyed pancakes with our without sugar (thanks sunjets :p) , we smoked a shisha, we ate camel meat, we probably took far too many Clarinase pills, we laughed a lot (yes Karl, ge kunt mijn loodjes ook kussen) (Sofie, stop swimming to unknown groups of divers ;) (Jan the casanova man) , we read books and gossip magazines, we observed other people, ...

We saw a turtle, we swam after some dolphins that showed up after our dive, we saw lots of murrays, stingrays, lionfish, butterfly fish, stone fish, puffer and porcupine fish, octopus, starfish, tuna, schools of barracuda, schools of sardines, groupers, goatfish, unicornfish, napoleonfish, surgeonfish, triggerfish, ....

Did I say it was great already?

Our last day in Egypt, for the first time in our hotel during our "no fly time"

My PADI advanced open water !!

Smoking a shisha

Assisting the captain

Back after another good dive


Sounds perfect!!!
Sandra said…
Het was inderdaad super... jammer dat het voorbij is!


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