What you don't want to ...

...hear on your voicemail during your vacation:

"Hi Goofball, I just got an e-mail from the lease company. Apparently the police has found your car this weekend and its window had been smashed in. They've taken the precaution to tow your car away. Please phone the towing company at ....".

...do first thing when you are back from vacation after a delayed flight in the middle of the night:

* phone the towing company to find out that they never towed your car at all.
* phone fleetmanager at work in vain
* phone leasing company to find out where on earth your car might be
* wait
* get phone call back to inform you where your car would be
* sit and wait for them to come and pick you up to bring you to a replacement car
* drive to the correct towing company to drop off the car key and pick stuff out of the broken car so they can start the needed repairs.


I'm so sorry! What a mess.
anno said…
That's just not fair. After all that glorious blue water and lovely diving, that's an awfully harsh return to reality.
Betsy said…
Oh no! What a shitty thing to come back to after vacation! Hope the damage isn't too extensive and that it can all be repaired quickly!
Ugh! What a nightmare!

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