Wijvenweek: Children

Huisje - Tuintje - Boompje (House - Garden - Tree) ....and children? That seems to be the society's expectations.

After renovating our house together during 2 years, I moved to Leuven last year and Jan and I were officially living together. I can't remember how often I got the question then "And when are you going to start children?" As if it was mandatory to get pregnant right away.

Maybe I was talking too proudly about my little nephews and nieces? Maybe there is a ticking clock printed on my forehead? But at one point some of my colleagues were placing bets when I'd be pregnant.
  • January 2008 according to one ....sorry mate, but you lost your bet
  • May 2008 according to another one.... sorry mate but I can already tell you you are going to lose your bet as well.

So I'm up for another round of bets. You can leave them in your comments. And hopefully some of you will some day win :)


My bet is it will happen when you and Jan are ready, and not a moment before. ;-)

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