Wijvenweek: fashion

Unlike Anneke I always have a purpose when I go shopping. Either I am looking for one or more specific things (a cardigan, a raincoat, outdoor pants, ...) or I simply want to update my garderobe with some trendy fashionable things to combine with my existing look. If I don't have that goal in my mind, I'll never really do more than windowshopping.

These shoppingtrips only really happen once or twice per semester, once looking for winter clothing and once looking for summer clothing.

When I do shop, I try to make sure I buy things that are in fashion and will remain in fashion for at least another year afterwards as I tend to keep on wearing things for a long time. But I have a big advantage: one my best friends Sofie owns a store, Pastel, in Geraardsbergen. Not only am I certain to leave her store with what I was looking for, I get spoiled by all her undivided attention (sometimes after closing hours) and I only have to try on things while she runs around finding the perfect combination.

I also always question her about the fashion that is coming up: in this winter they are actually already to start looking at collections of next winter. That comes in handy to know what becomes obsolete or not. Lately she does answer me "Everything is possible, there's always a wide range of things in fashion nowedays". Hmm not handy if you intended to write a post about the new fashion trends.

But here are some evolutions nevertheless:

  • All shades of grey become popular this summer (as was this winter already) and the touch of color is often yellow. Next winter you'll see bright red as well (remember that semi final of Eurovision: all the men had red shirts!). Brown and dark blue is less visible.
  • T-shirts/sweaters remain long, at least hip length or a longer tunic. You also see a lot of longer knitted sweaters.
  • Still lots of skirts, kneelength or shorter
  • Bermuda shorts slowly disappear
  • Pants are straight and narrow and there's still skinny pants although fasion literature starts talking about the return of very wide pants. Store collections still have mainly straight legs though, no more boot cut....but the very wide ones are coming in as well.
  • Trenchcoats are still in
  • Dresses with flashy prints remain as well as empire dresses...above knee-level.

Hmm I can come up with some things that would be nice additions to my wardrobe. Now I need to find shopping company and it needs to warm up a bit to get me in the mood...and off I go for my summer update.


Anonymous said…
"Welcome to my world"?
Als ik zo vrij mag zijn... waarom is jouw wereld Engelstalig?
anno said…
That "everything is possible," is the only thing that gives me hope.

That, and mail-order catalogues.

So what will you be wearing this spring?
Goofball said…
@Zapnimf: ja hoor, zo vrij mag je zijn. Ik heb zelf paar jaar in buitenland gewoond, Canada en Den Haag, ....mijn vriend werkt ook nog altijd deeltijds in London.

Deze blog ben ik begonnen om mijn Canadese vrienden/expat op de hoogte te houden van mijn leventje. En om die reden wil ik ook in het Engels blijven bloggen. Intussen zijn ook de meeste van mijn vaste lezers Engelstalig.

Maar in feite ben ik dus wel gewoon Nederlandstalig.
Anonymous said…
Ozo. In dat geval is het jammer dat mijn Engels van een erbarmelijk allooi is.
Jenn said…
Thanks for the "down-lo" about fashion. I am so excited to go shopping for regular clothes!

R. Duckie said…
Bermuda Shorts were IN?
blah said…
I'm with you on the shopping with a purpose! I am not a dawdle shopper and I prefer to shop alone , not with girlfriends

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