Wijvenweek: Let's start!

Female bloggers don't necessary make "womenblogs" that would be less interesting than those written by their male counterparts. Most female bloggers write over a whole range of topics that are not necessarily stereotypical feminine. Some topics will be, some won't.

But sometimes we just want to dig up our feminine side and go all the way: make-up, diets, high heels, our hairstyle, our children, ... and lots of pink.

So here we organise "Wijvenweek" : > 40 top female bloggers will blog all week about topics "my body", "shopping", "men", "our household", "children", "what men don't get", ...and whatever else that is on the top of our mind. You can read all our posts together on http://www.wijvenblog.be/ . And if you want to join still: leave us a comment or send an e-mail to info@wijvenweek.be. with the URL of your blog.

I've got my lipstick by the hand and my hairbrush, a little mirror, a purse full of practical goodies, hormones and hygienic pads, nylon stockings, ... I think I am ready. Here we come in the next week !
Woooohooo "Wijvenweek"!!!


anno said…
And I'll be joining you... as soon as I'm awake long enough to write a post!
Lilacspecs said…
I'm so on top of it...awesome way to get out of a blogging rut, and I found a way to make it musical for Music Monday as well...now to convince Hans to go get croissants in the snow while I blog...muahaha.

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