Wijvenweek: problem solved

Problem description:

  • white high back-pack type handbag: worn, ready for retirement, dirty, unsafe against pickpockets

  • white rectangular handbag: deep scratch, needle that holds the handle has disappeared..so one handle loose, discolored a bit

  • Red big bag: leather strap broken, inside cloth torn

  • Black purse: leather strap broken...sewn by the shoe repair shop twice in vain

  • Brown purse: magnetic closure falls off all the time and gets lost for weeks, so has an open gap all the time

  • Green old bag: >10 years old, color doesn't fit with anything, looks cheap, unpractical

=> urgent need of a non-broken purse. No make that 2 purses. A white/beige one for the summer and a dark one for the winter


Ask boyfriend to buy 2 handbags in India during his business trip there

Planning progress:

  • Describe desired properties in e-mail to India - done
  • Check the windowshopping pictures received - done
  • Check the online catalogues of the available local brands - done
  • Pass order - done
  • Await purchase confirmation - work in progress
  • Transport to Belgium - scheduled
  • Show off new handbag - scheduled


anno said…
Good luck! I hope he returns with a winner!
Goofball said…
Update: plan is complete . wooohoo.

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