Wijvenweek: wishfull thinking

I've got 24 hours in a working day:

Remaining :

- 8 hours: that's really the number of hours sleep I should have

- 7.5 hours I need to be at work minimum (usually a bit more)

- 2 hours I need to commute to work (usually less)

- 2.5 hours to have breakfast / lunch/ cook dinner and have dinner

- 1.5 hour to go to aerobic/yoga/diving club or choir

- 1 hour: getting dressed in morning/ going to bed/ inefficient time at home

- 0.25 hour: check e-mails and respond to e-mails / check post

- 1 hour: watch tv combined with blog, read blogs, facebook, e-banking, ...

=> half an hour to
  • (un)load the dishwasher,
  • put trash outside,
  • clean shoes,
  • do laundry
  • iron clothes (yes I want them ironed!)
  • clean up paper piles
  • vacuum sofa (anti-mite)
  • vacuum house
  • wash floors (anti-mite)
  • change sheets and bedding regularly and throw them in laundry regularly (anti-mite)
  • clean the windows
  • water the plants

Of course I always manage to do so! I am superwoman. What else did you expect? And I do it with only one hand too while whistling.


Lilacspecs said…
Hehe, our trip to Pittsburgh started badly...we got here a day late and now I'm sick....I definitely plan on catching up as soon as possible.
I'm behind too, and sick, too. Trying to sort of catch up on reading, at least.
Luisa Perkins said…
You're too funny! I am really enjoying Wijvenweek.

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