And the Dutch flag is waving

At the end of January, after months of speculation, a consortium of Carlsberg and Heineken made a take-over offer to buy and break-up Scottisch and Newcastle which had been accepted.

But big international take-overs take some time to accomplish ( EU needs to check the competition situation in each country etc etc...) and we were told that we'd not have new management in the first months.

But today the Scottisch flag flying outside has been lowered and we are currently flying a brand new Dutch flag next to the Maes flags.

We all found a can of Heineken beer on our desks with a welcome letter. The intranet had already slightly changed in lay-out and the e-mail address book contained 47000 new Heineken addresses. Other than that it was still business as usual. I guess we'll find out step by step what it's like to be part of the big Heineken group. I'm very curious and optimistic.


anno said…
Whatever happens, it sounds like there will be beer involved. That can't be too bad, right?
Wow! Any thought this was going to happen, or was it a total surprise?

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