Last week's "Wijvenweek" has triggered my attention again to the latest fashion and my appearance. So this morning I pulled out of my wardrobe an old long grey skirt with a modern tight grey hooded top. With Trinny and Susannah's Rules in my head, I layered it with a bright orange top underneath which showed subtly at my neck and at my waist and a little necklace. Hey it's the details that make or break an outfit!

Last minute I realised that this long skirt makes me look smaller. My pair of neglected short black boots with high heels would make me look taller. Trinny and Sussanah would be proud of me. Although nothing can beat the comfort of flat shoes, nothing can beat the elegance of high heeled shoes. As An wrote last week: shoes define the style of your outfit.

So today's theme was elegance! Yep, I felt very elegant when walking out of the meeting room, over the parking lot to my car...slowly step by step... with only one heel left on my boots and the other one in my hand


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