First day at school!

Remember this? And this?

Well that's already more than 2,5 years ago. Today Renée and Stef went for the first time to school! Yes to school.

A special moment for the kids and for the parents (and the auntie as well!). They will go for the coming weeks part-time to school and part-time to their familiar daycare. Also for Luisa there was a change: she already goes to school since November but has now started to go full-time!

Hurray for Renée, Stef and Luisa!

Stef first a bit quiet and anxious while waiting at the schoolgate but quickly playing enthousiastically

In Belgium most children start school between 2,5 and 3 years. It's not mandatory to go to school yet. Since stay-at-home moms are rare here and childcare is no longertax-deductable anymore after the age of 3, most people send their little ones to school at that age. And the daycare centers only take children until 2,5 - 3 years anyway, so the children start feeling that they are the oldest, that their friends leave for school and that only new babies arrive. So usually they are ready for it. They must be pottytrained though.

Af far as I've heard 2,5 is one of the youngest ages in our neighbouring countries to start school. Obviously the kids don't go to a school yet where they have to sit on benches and study. There's 3 - 3,5 years of kindergarden before they go to elementary school. The kindergarden teachers are fully trained pedagogues who focus in teaching the children language and motoric and social skills in a very playfull way.

Luisa's speech has really evolved to longer, fuller and correcter sentences over the last months. I am curious to see Renée and Stef change in the coming weeks. Haha, I wonder how long it'll take before they come home with some curses that they've picked up at the playground. :p


Oh E!! How does G feel about this - darlin' girl - tell her I'm thinking of her - tis such a "thing" to finally have your children sent off to school - like the end of an era or something like that..
Allie said…
Preschool is optional here in Canada and most facilities the children have to be three years old and potty trained.

Preschool is an ongoing issue for us because we feel like Kaelen is missing out because he is a dayhome child (as both of us work ... as you know). With the two of us having to work full time, it isn't possible to put him in preschool so he will just have to wait until he is five and can go to kindergarten. It is rare that you can find a daycare facility that can take your child to and from school. Hence, our children will miss out on that.

We kind of feel the pressure because now a days, children are learning their ABC's and writing skills at the ages three and four but with Kaelen not in that type of environment, we are scared that he will be behind ....

Sigh ....

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