We all know students can act pretty crazy. They'd do anything as long as it is not studying, right? So why not organise a world record attempt in Mentosfountains???



  • 1360 bottles of Diet Coke, not chilled
  • 1360*6 mentos capsules in a tube
  • 1360 crazy students

World record:

Count down to 3 and then watch this.


Jenn said…
Dear E. - How FUN!! I would have LOVED to be there!!!


Zotdink :-)
Alex Elliot said…
My boys loved watching this! It cracks me up that they're wearing ponchos when you know there's no way that they're not taking a shower afterwards!
CIA strikes said…
I was there :) I've noticed I'm the one you used as 'Source', thank you for that :)

I can assure you that it is amazing to be part of this... We always wanted to do this, and this was our "chance of a lifetime" :p

Enjoy you weekend,

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