Mijn Restaurant: visitor rules

This morning on my shopping trip downtown I walked by D'Hoogeschool at the Hogeschoolplein, the restaurant in Leuven participating in the contest "Mijn Restaurant" . There was a big sign outside that other people were reading and discussing so I glanced quickly at it while walking by.

In at least 3 languages it gave a big text explaining that TV recordings take place at these premises. If you decide to dine in the restaurant, you declare your agreement to the fact that they are allowed to tape any conversation and film the entire time etc etc.
You give permission to VTM to commercialise any of the material etc etc..

Despite the fact that I like watching the program, I had already made the reflection that I wouldn't want to dine in any of the restaurants right now. You never know what they'll broaddcast. Just imagine that you choke over something, start a big coughing and it is all filmed in close-up and comes on tv, and maybe later in a successful DVD or whatever. Hahaha, just imagine.

It was quite a long list and I don't remember the exact phrasing. But it sure put me off! It's really a Big Brother warning before you can go in. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I only thought of that when was already further away. When I walked by again on my return , Jelle was having a smoke outside. I am truly not a assertive up-front groupie that would walk up to him , congratulate him with last weeks win and ask if he'd pose next to the sign.
..so no picture of the visitor rules. I simply walked on at the other side of the square :)


You know, it's funny, while it would turn you off, I'll bet it's a draw for others who want to BE on TV!

LOL, it takes all kinds...
Alex Elliot said…
I just imagining saying something horrible at my MIL and it getting broadcasted!
lies said…
i'm afraid I am the type that congratulates Jelle :-) I even went up into his kitchen to see him when we had lunch there a few weeks ago! Unbelievable, I know, but I really did! (after a few glasses of champane though) ;-)

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