Funny headline in the news today: Maria and Marie (both Mary in English) are the most common female names in Flanders and in Belgium. Jean is the most common male name in Belgium with it's Dutch equivalant Jan coming on the 7th place. In Flanders Jan is the 2nd most common male name, after Marc.

And indeed: I've had 2 neighbours named Jan, my yoga teacher is called Jan, I have 3 cousins with the name Jan etc etc... and I am living together with a Jan. But don't worry, he's pretty unique though. :-)

Update: After reading Novembrance's Friday grammar lesson, I'll correct this last sentence ;).
here it is: But don't worry, he's unique to me though.


anno said…
Whew! I sure couldn't imagine you with anyone run-of-the-mill...
Lilacspecs said…
I have a Hans, does that count? And heh, I noticed lately when I speak Dutch and try to say my name, I pronounce it wrong. MY last name is the German Klein but in Dutch I get confused and introduce myself with the Dutch pronunciation of klein.


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