What are the odds

What are the odds that you throw your backpack in the trunck of your car and you hit the trunck to close only to notice too late that the cord was laying exactly on the lock. That as a result the lock doesn't close the trunck , but you can't open it anymore either. And while driving it keeps beeping to let you know that the trunck isn't closed. And when you come home, you can't lock the car anymore because your trunck is supposedly open.

What are the odds that it happens on the same way that your heel breaks off in a meeting?

What are the odds that both things happen in the same week that the hot water boiler is broken down resulting in a week camping without central heating and hot water (but with a gas fire and an electric water cooker?)

Oh boy, I think I need to play on the lottery this week!


Famke said…
Sounds like your lucky week ;) I managed to forget the keys of our apartment yesterday. When I came home at 1 AM, I was locked out, while my husband was at work doing a nightshift. So I know exactly what you're talking about! Worst part was that I reaaaally needed to pee at that very moment. As they say in Dutch 'Een ongeluk komt nooit alleen'.
Alex Elliot said…
I had a week like that last week with two ER visits, a case of pink eye and broken washing machine. Hope you got your trunk fixed!
Allie said…
Hmmm.... they say that bad luck comes in threes so I am with you - go out and purchase that lottery ticket for you will have an excellent chance to win!!
anno said…
I'm with Allie... might be good odds there! Hope you had a better weekend!

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