Busy weekend at the longest day

At the end of June just before the official "sales period" (in Belgium those are regulated: only allowed in July and January!) most cities organise a braderie. All stores put stalls in front of their doors with promotions or goodies while the streets are traffic free and some animation is present. In Leuven they see their braderie quite big and is called "De langste dag" (the longest day) which was this year quite appropriately on the 21st of June itself.

It was fun despite the blisters on my feet. Next year I'll have to wear more appropriate footwear I suppose.

Some big-eyed aliens dancing to some accordeon music

A goose parade walking through the shopping streets

Time with family and friends

De Langste Dag was truly a long day as it included beside the shopping also a haircut, house cleaning, a bbq for friends and family at home. No wonder I am so tired today.


lies said…
Ziet er gezellig uit. Wij hebben het dit jaar eens overgeslagen en de langste dag met de buren op straat doorgebracht
lies said…
is dat schattige meisje bij Jan jullie kindje?
Goofball said…
@lies: nee nee wij hebben nog geen kinderen. Het is een van mijn 2 nichtjes. We hebben 2 nichtjes en 2 neefjes van 3 maand tot 3 jaar oud. Als je op de tag Family klikt zal je hen nog wel regelmatig eens tegenkomen :). 't zijn schatjes!
I think the U.S. could do with sales only two times per year...

It looks like it was fun despite the blisters.
Jenn said…
Really!! Sales only twice a year, wowers.

Allie said…
I had to look at the picture twice as I thought that was you playing the accordion. :P

Fun stuff! Did you buy lots?
Kate said…
looks like a blast, I love the geese!

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