Hollandse Nieuwe

Yeaaaah, the seasonal Dutch contribution to world cuisine is back. Yeah I know that previous statement is a real contradition but I am not actually talking about a big dish.
I really enjoy the "Hollandse Nieuwe" or the "Maatjes" as we call them (translation: soused herring??). Hmm I know what will be on my shopping list.



I love maatjes. I love any type of herring, pretty much.

The pic is great! ;-)
Jenn said…
Herring is gross, I've had my Oma try and feed it to me, yuck!

Lilacspecs said…
I like them pickled or creamed but we tried a plain old raw one outside the Anne Frank House and blech!
R. Duckie said…
Hmmm it looked good until I realized they were pickled!
Goofball said…
@jen: I love them too! yummmieee. I don't like all types of herring though.

@jenn: your Oma is Dutch isn't she? hihi.
I don't like all types of herring as I said before. These are very young herrings that have been feeding. The meat is 16% to 25% greasy and very very soft and smooth. Not like adult herrings at all. They can only be caught for 4 to 6 weeks. I somehow doubt that this type would be available in Canada, but I could be mistaken.

@lilacspecs: did you try herring or truly the "maatjes" that are available in June. I love maatjes the best, but then again I don't like pickled or creamed herring, so we might have different tastes.

@r Duckie: no no no Maatjes are not pickled. It's young fat herring caught, cleaned except for the pancreas at first (which would add enzymes still and add to the taste). Then they add a bit of salt (in the middle ages the only way to preserve: the maatjes available "inland" in the Netherlands were much more salty than those at the coast and that difference still exists). You eat it raw, with chopped little bits of onions if you want.
anno said…
Really? Wow!
Dear E. I'm with you! I lvoe Maatjes!! YUM!!

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