I want sun

10°C today....10°C. Really 10°C on my dashboard in the car this morning and this evening.
Gosh our winters are warmer than that lately.

Brrr I want sun! And I want summer without pouring rain. I want to make bikerides without taking raincoats and thick sweaters and without having to avoid mud puddles everywhere.

Arrrgh this is depressing.


The weather is just insane lately.
Lilacspecs said…
Yeah, I actually had to wear a sweater last evening.

We need some sun!
Snooker said…
I wore a coat to work this morning. It is 11.5 and raining in Berlin at 7:44am on Friday the 13th of June.

Although I have to admit, we've been having FABULOUS weather for about a month now. It is just turning yucky for us.

Blame the westerly winds over a very dry Africa for the nasty weather over south western Europe.
Allie said…
I can hear ya sister. The weather here is beyond depressing. I mean, 5C and pouring rain in mid June? Something is seriously wrong with Mother Nature right now.
Betsy said…
It's been like that here too lately. We never know how to dress when we get up in the mornings! If you get a call through to Mother Nature put in a good word for us here in Stuttgart as well, please! :-)
anno said…
Today we have sun, warmth, and blue skies -- the first time in weeks. I'll try to send some your way!

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