Vampire flies and conference call etiquette

There was an annoying fly in the meeting room today. It loved to buzzzz around my face and to land on my arms even though I was trying to smack it all the time. Pretty hard to do if you are talking on a fixed phone and concentrating on the call.

At one point I feel my arm stings and I see the damn fly sitting on my arm again on top of my sweater. When I move up my sleeve I see 7 big white bumps on glowing red skin. Oh great I was sharing the room with a vampire-type of fly while being stuck in the call! Argh. It must have been a horse-fly.

And then at the end of my meeting with 2 of my regular supplier's contacts when we are wrapping up all of a sudden a third voice comes in "oh hi, this is X, I still had a question".
Geez isn't there some conference call etiquette that requires to introduce yourself at the start of the meeting if you are listening along??? This is the second time that he has done that.


Allie said…
Hmmm ... perhaps it was your vampire like fly who decided that he had annoyed you enough during your call that he would continue to do so by keeping you on your call for a little longer. Perhaps you are lucky that your call was during the day .....
Lilacspecs said…
Eeeeew, ew, ew, ew! I hate flies. Seriously, they mske me want to throw up. Ugh! Go get some bugspray and zap it!
Jenn said…
I'm with you, people should let you know when they are listening on a teleconferencing call.

I'm with you on the teleconferencing thing, too. I got bizarre fly bites taking C up to camp ... must be the season. I hope yours went away!

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