While sawing my bra....

Some thoughs while sawing a strap on my bra:
  • Allie teaches me that I am truly not sawing my bra but probably sewing my bra. Ooops.
    [insert hilarious laughing here upon realisation what I was claiming to do]

  • Gosh I don't want to know how often I type blunders in professional e-mails without realising it. At least I never discuss sawing/sewing there.
  • Why doesn't a double thread never pull to the other side equally?
  • Why can't I ever measure off the correct lenght of a thread : either waaaaay too long or too short to finish the job?
  • Can anyone remind me that I should never sew something that is actually visible....it doesn't look good.
  • Should I believe Jan when he tells me that his colleagues tell him that a thimble is also called a "finger nipple" in the USA? Yeah right.


Actually, I think it is called something like that somewhere...

And I'm with you - no one should ever give me a sewing task, under any circumstances. Truly.
Lilacspecs said…
I've never heard of a thimble called a finger nipple but finger cots, those rubber thing chefs wear on their fingers are called finger condoms...
anno said…
You know, like Jen, I think I have heard it called something like that. Maybe in an English novel. Probably something by Jane Austen (from whom I just learned that a housewife was once the name for a sewing kit).

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