Green cake

I am a very spoilt girl. I rarely have to cook myself as Jan loves to cook and Jan knows how to cook very well. I do like cooking myself but hardly even get to that anymore as my dishes always look pale to what Jan prepares.

Yesterday he was in a true cooking mood apparently. Beside rabbit and a meatloaf he was also making a cake.
A GREEN cake. Yep seriously it's quite green. And it is good! It's a lime-basil cake. Quite interesting smell, taste and look, but good. Since I am not into sweet deserts, I like this cake version much more than regular cake!

Interested? Check it out here (hihi the ingredients don't seem to match the dish though :p).


Hey beautiful woman :-)Sounds like jan is quite the gourmet - tho I don't know about green cake!!!

Hugs and much love to you and the family :-) Love

Lilacspecs said…
Ooh. Hans likes to try different taste combinations. I tend to bake more but he's better at all the other kinds of cooking...maybe I can persuade him to try his hand at this...
Brillig said…
Oh my gosh. Green cake. I think I'd have to close my eyes while I ate it!
I love desserts which aren't on the sweet side. I'll have to check this out!
anno said…
Sounds like our guys are on the same wavelength: My husband made a basil lime drink for me this weekend that was fabulous! I am now a real fan of this combination -- your cake sounds excellent!
Anonymous said…
Green or not!

Jenn said…
If Jan ever wants to come and visit, my kitchen, I mean door is always open.


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