Hapje Tapje

Sunday was Hapje Tapje in Leuven: a food/drinks festival where all restaurants put boots outside and sell food samples at small prices. As with all events, it draws a big crowd downtown and with reasonable weather all the terraces get full. In between all, there's a barman race going on across several squares. Funny to see them run by and try to make their way across the crowd (they don't have a seperate road to take and some squares were very very crowded!).

A fun day to guide Jason around. And since he won't make it next year, he got a sneak preview of the wedding locations :).


anno said…
Oh, it looks like fun! And Hapje Tapje sounds like something fun to say!
I echo Anno on the Hapje Tapje. We have similar festivals called "taste of" as in "Taste of Ann Arbor" or Taste of Chicago, etc.
Alex Elliot said…
Why do they put boots outside?
Goofball said…
@Alex: Oooops…I suppose that should be booths. Food booths, does that make more sense. Hahaha no no they did not put their shoes and boots next to their food outside :p
sari said…
my dad runs marathons so it's funny to see someone running in regular clothes (and with a tray of beers!) instead of in running clothes.

it looks like a fun day with the festival!

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