Hawaiian pictures

At the request of Anno and Jenn, this is how we looked yesterday. We had a lot of people looking around when walking to the car...sitting next to other cars at the traffic lights and arriving :p. Fortunately at the party itself we didn't stick out anymore!


anno said…
Great pictures -- thanks for posting these! It looks like it must have been a fun wedding! So today, you get to relax and hang out at home?
Lilacspecs said…
Cute! Hehehe, I wish I could show you mt bat-mitzvah pics. We did a tropical theme that would've gone well with this.
Jenn in Holland said…
Hehe. Those are great photos! I especially like Jan's expression. GREAT outfits. Maybe you should consider wearing them everyday, you know, to set a new trend.
Way too funny! Hey! Maybe you could start a new fashion trend.
Carol said…
You'd look completely at home on -- sigh -- MAUI! Makes me homesick for the Islands. (OK, not that they're my home in any way, but still...)

You guys are SO VERY cute!
Snooker said…
How interesting... a wedding with a Hawaiian theme! Very cool that you got into the spirit!
Anonymous said…
fantastisch zeg en hoe was het koppel zelf dan gekleed? Toch niet in een klassiek kleedje en kostuumke?