How do you know that summer (vacation) is half over?

  • "Building vacation" is over
  • Even more road works starting up...blocking now my workaround road to work which I had to take in order to avoid traffic works. Now I make an even bigger detour. There goes the advantage of 'no traffic jams' up in smoke.
  • More cars on the parking lot at work
  • Some trees are turning already!!
  • I'm getting used to the summer tv programs and I stopped being irritated by the endless yearly reruns of everything.
  • I don't come home anymore thinking "oh I don't have to go to choir/yoga/.."
  • The most interesting festivals are over
  • Days are getting shorter again
  • Promotion folders in the mail talk about "back to school"
  • There are for once no politics in the news...those guys are all taking a break. Fantastic.
  • Dutch caravans don't only drive south on our highways but also drive north (with very tanned people in them)
  • The supermarkets don't sell strawberries anymore


Jen said…
We're seeing many of those same signs (although no Dutch caravans!)
sari said…
my boys just went back to school, it doesn't seem right since it's so hot outside still! (43 celcius!)

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