How I spent my free afternoon on my knees

"How are the renovations"
"How's the house"
"Still renovating"

We often get these questions when we meet friends or family that we haven't seen in a while. Every time I answer them that all major works have been finished and I remember my mental long list of finishing up chores that we still need to perform: painting in final colors, adding some electrical plugs, changing some light fictures, ...

So what if you have taken a day off without specific plans and it turns out to be raining and the next week the delivery of your new ordered bed has been confirmed? Then you realise the time has come for some more action. Time to get on my knees this afternoon!

Deadline: next Thursday
To do: wash and scrub wooden floor, slightly sand it and then oil it
Progress status: floor cleaned

Picture before...still some glue spots left to clean before we can oil the floor

Intermediate 1: Scrubbing the floor with a "parket" cleaner product, cleansing it afterwards

Intermediate 2: floor ready to slightly sand, then oil


Jen said…
It's looking good! I have house projects on the agenda this weekend, too.

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