Keeping the best for last

Belgians are always in for a good joke. During 2 weeks we pretended we could not win any medals. And then when nobody feared us anymore....our last athlete coming into action won gold.

I said yesterday already that we had hopes for Tia Hellebaut, but she's one of the 6 girls currently jumping over 2 meters so no guarentee for a medal. But she made it as the only one in one try over 2m05 (new Belgian record) and that gave her gold. Woohoo.

Source: De Morgen


Alex Elliot said…
That's a good joke! You have to catch them off guard!
Korie said…
Yeah, I was glad to see you guys got a few medals....that way Hans escapes most of my teasing.
Jen said…
Go Belgium! Hoorah!

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