Last weekend of summer

We finally got the long awaited good weather with a week delay and we tried to enjoy it as much as we possibly could! For once in weeeeeeeks we had no fixed appointments and it felt like a great relief.

While I still wasn't convinced during our breakfast outside that it would truly become so warm that I'd be able to take my sweater off, it didn't take much time after lunch to hop in a small short and top and jump on our bikes for a nice long bikeride.

Sceneries along the "Rock Werchter" bike tour

It was hot! And we couldn't reach the beach along a surfing lake and we couldn't enter in private gardens that seemed to have a pool here and there. After 3/4 of the distance we finally discovered a big blackboard on what seemed a private driveway. It announced a lot of organic treats. We seemed to enter a private garden with some wooden benches in the grass where 2 ladies were chatting. I tried "elderflower lemonade" which turned out to be very refreshing. It was imported from the UK where there's a much greater offer of commericial but organic food and drinks than in Belgium. Something to look for next time I go to the UK!
All of a sudden a kid raced into the garden "Oh my God, there's actually people" and disappeared behind the corner to return a little later with his bike.
"And are you enjoying it?"
"Yes yes we do"
"Ok then you should come back another time"
...and off he went.

After a refreshing drink I had a tough last part of our biketour in order to get home and jump into the shower.

In the evening we changed our plans to go to a movie theatre with a friend into an outside dinner in Ghent, another drink in the city center and then we ended our evening at the Jazzfestival "Jazz in 't park" in the South park of Ghent. How appropriate to close the summer off with another touch of festival!!!! Woohoo.

And this afternoon we went underwater to cool off a an underwater temperature of 10C at -17m , that was no problem.

And now I am ready for the "New Year" . My agenda for September is already quite full!


Korie said…
Glad you enjoyed the day. When we went to Edinburgh I noticed a much larger selection of organics too.
Jen said…
Congrats on all the summer fun! We've had a very lazy, and organizational, last week of summer.
Snooker said…
Ah! I'm so happy that you were able to enjoy the beautiful summer day.
AND you got in a little diving! Awesome!
lies said…
Klinkt zaaalig! Ik neem me al jaren voor om nog eens een ├ęchte fietstocht te maken (tot nu toe neem ik alleen de fiets om eens snel tot aan de fnac of de hema te rijden).

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