Our new bed has arrived

Hurraay hurray our new boxspring bed has finally arrived with personalised new pocket spring matrasses for both Jan and me: wider, larger and quite higher than our previous old self-fabricated bed dating from some forgotten time. We go from "double bed" size to king size. Our room feels a little smaller now, but I'll be used to it in no time!

And Jan already did some shopping for new sheets today. Doesn't he have style? I love it! Woohoo, can't wait to go to sleep!

oh yes and our oiled wooden floor looks really good :)


lies said…
Ooohhh! Een boxspring! Dat slaapt zo heerlijk. Ik wil er ook een!!!
anno said…
Looks big! Looks beautiful! (Don't fall off!)
Goofball said…
@Lies: ja eh, we hebben geen moment getwijfeld om een boxsspring te nemen. Als men ons in de winkels eens latex matrassen lieten testen konden die ons echt niet overtuigen.

@Anno: I'll do my best :p
It looks lovely. Dave and I keep trying to replace ours but we're not sure what feels comfortable. It's kind of ridiculous. ;-)
Jenn said…
Sounds so lovely. I would love a king size bed.

Snooker said…
I miss my king size bed...
This is me being very jealous of you.

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