Sleepy conversations

Jan comes on an online messenger this morning

"Hey, did you fix that lamp?"
"huh, which lamp?"
"the broken lamp, could you fix it this morning?"
"no I did not fix a lamp, which light is broken?
"Well, the TL " (a fluorescent tube )

-------[this took place at 6 AM previously] ----------

Both are asleep. Jan's alarm goes off on his mobile phone.
Goofball wakes up and notices half conciously the screen's flashing.

"oh, there's a TL broken...ah , it's your alarm. Pfff too bright"

Goofball turns around again and dozes back to sleep as she does not need to get up yet.


Jenn in Holland said…
I can't have any kind of sensible sleepy conversation, so it sounds like you at least gave it a try! And yes, rolling over to sleep more is my speciality.
Goofball said…
@jenn: well except that we really don't have any TL light in our house so it doesn't make sense that one would be flashing next to our bed. Jan thought my sleepy remark was quite ridiculous and kept bugging me about it.
Jenn in Holland said…
Yes, but you did say WORDS and you did string them together into a SENTENCE and I find that impressive. If I had been in that conversation it would definitely have sounded like "hhuh? mmmmph fonn isss barrro mnnn"
Now, that's really a mouthful!
lies said…
haha!! Dat had een conversatie bij ons kunnen zijn, ik verkoop ook nonsens in mijn slaap

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