Sprinting fever

The Olympics 2008 were about to turn out the "almost, but not quite" edition for Belgium.

  • Soccer: 4th place
  • Cycling track men's couples: 4th place
  • Rowing skiff: 4th place
  • Judo -52kg women: 4th place
  • Kano 1000m: 4th place
  • Hockey: 9th place as the only amateur team participating (they all have other jobs)
  • All round gymnastics girls: in finals
  • Jumping: in finals
  • ....

When Kim Gevaert had messed up her start for the 100m in the semi-finals, our medal hope got reduced again. But she'd still participate in the 4x100m in the finals.

And yes we finally got our first medal. The 4 girls came in second! woooohooo . We are going to miss Kim when she'll end her career next year!

source: Belga source: PhotoNews

And now we hope Tia is going to jump her way up to Olympics heaven tomorrow. And the mountainbikers need to start and have won medals in the past. There's still a tiny little chance to get 3 medals for Belgium as we did in Athens.


Jenn said…
Yeah for the Belgians!!

I'd like to think Olympics are not about the medals, but about watching cool sports we never get to see. Or the amazing stories that come from it.

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