Wisdom with hindsight

My energy levels are below zero and I'm fighting the urge to take a nap.
Our day started with a lunch and has been slow ever since: some reading, some tv, some telephone calls, a long hot bath, some papers to clean-up, some laundry, ...
My muscles are still very sore, especially my neck is killing me.

The wedding party was very fun yesterday but maybe I should have done a little less headbanging on the dancefloor.


lies said…
aiai klinkt niet goed. Trouwfeesten hè! Ik veronderstel dat je dan vanavond niet naar marktrock gaat?
Oh, no, headbanging is ALWAYS good. ;0)
Goofball said…
@lies...nee lekker op tijd gaan slapen en daarvoor stillekes in de zetel zitten met warm kersepitkussen in mijn nek.

@jen: now after 3 days it is finally improving, but last 2 days were very painful. I do wonder whether headbanging is always good!I am certain I'll restrain myself a bit next weekend (yes wedding party again).

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