Why I don't like the fall season

There's a lot of people that love the fall for the crisp air, walks in the woods, ... I don't understand them at all! I can see that the fall is not all bad, I never look forward to the transition of summer to fall for the following reasons:

  • It's really cold in the mornings, but can still warm up in the afternoon. It makes dressing choices impossible!

  • Summer festival season is over. Huh already? where did time fly? I still wanted to go to so many places this summer!

  • Invitations for BBQs at friend's places stop.
  • Breakfasts in pyama in the garden stop.

  • The calm days for students and teachers are over. Their stress starts building up.
  • It's getting crowded again in the gym.

  • My toes need to get locked up in closed shoes again while all my nice heeled sandals are boring themselves in the closet

  • The variety of summer fruits have gone. I prefer fresh strawberries, cherries, melons, ... to apples and pears.

  • I can't eat gazpacho anymore. Pumpkin soup can only partially make up for that.

  • The first times you wear wollen sweaters they sting like crazy. Makes my neck itchy and it drives me nuts.

  • It's getting darker again in the evenings. It's getting darker in the mornings.

  • The fall brings a lot more rain and foggy days. And the roads are slippery with wet leaves.

  • It gets too cold to go diving in Belgium.

  • Fashion in winter is less colorful than summer fashion.

  • Wearing jeans and corderoy pants is not as much fun as wearing shorts, tops, skirts, ...

  • It takes longer to get dressed (or changed in the sportscenter) as you need to put on a lot more layers of clothes than in summer! It also results in much more laundry to do.

  • The office doesn't turn the heating on before October, which is truly too late.

  • The true fun winter days cuddling at the fire place after a long winter walk in the freezing sun are not there yet.

  • Summer vacation trips are in the past...winter vacation trips still seem so far away.

  • Fall is the season in which we celebrate All Saints Day and All Soul's day on which we visit cemetaries.

  • In Fall the traffic jams have lenghtened dramatically after a nice smooth summer.

  • Whenever I go and take my bike out of the garden, I surely walk with my face into a spiderweb.

  • It's not cold enough to have killed all mosquitos

  • There's only 2 public holidays in fall.
  • ....

Well what I wanted to say: I always have a hard time to accept the fact that summer is over (especially if it never truly started!) and the transition to winter. From all seasons fall is my least favorite by far. Blèh, another year before it'll be summer. Sigh.


Korie said…
Yeah, for some reason fall here isn't giving me the happy feeling it did in the states. The temperature changes there are less dramatic and there's leaves the smell of woodsmoke and pumpkin pies and nut rolls and Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Here it's just really grey and drizzly and yeah, the streets are way too crowded again. I'm really going to miss Halloween this year.
Gudrun said…
Heh. Schools don't have much money for heating (especially these days), so we have to wait until November. Yay. Can be very cold sometimes.
Jen said…
Okay... way too depressing. ;-)

Also, sorry I missed you on Facebook - I was in a cafe and didn't get your message until much too late. ;-(
anno said…
Our summer was just harsh: too wet and cold, followed by too hot and dry; none of the soft warmth I crave. Makes it hard to think about a brutal winter ahead...
Betsy said…
I am so with you on this one! I LOVE summer, and fall just seems like a depressing reminder that winter is coming.... Blub.
lies said…
Ooh ik moet er ook niet van hebben! Maar mijn favoriete seizoen is wel de lente. Zon, maar toch niet te veel "bakken"
Alex Elliot said…
Hmmm...those are all really good points; particularly the one about the shoes. I hate wearing socks. However, even with all those reasons you listed, I still like fall best because it's not hot! Unfortunately though after fall comes winter and then I have to scrape off my car every morning.
Carol said…
We DO think alike! I actually AM a Fall (you know those fashion books about dressing the seasons?), but I'm not crazy about the season... too wet!

Unknown said…
I don't like fall either. All the opportunities of summer are gone. Even though I live in South Florida, where the summer-like weather, which is a good swimming season, can last up to November,just seeing back to school advertisements and fall promos, even the change of coffee bags in shelves at Publix and Starbucks to fall flavors makes me feel a little depressed. And then in South Florida, you got a high risk of Hurricanes during the fall season. Also, there is Halloween 🎃, which concerns some Christians, me included. The death and decay theme of Halloween with ghosts, zombies, skeletons, and freaky stuff.

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