Choices, comparisons, information

This was a weekend of shopping, surfing for information, visiting fairs, listing prices, comparing choices, ... Too much data in my head.

Some lessons learned:
  • Visiting Decathlon is a dangerous store. You always leave with more than anticipated. They also make you feel like doing more sports.
  • 3 years of searching nice but simpel water sandals in vain has come to an end. Instead of looking in normal shoe stores I should have gone to a store with watersport clothing. Dugh.
  • The diving goggles of 6€ at Decathlon are just as good as the expensive models.
  • Some of their cheapest clothes stretch out by pulling them on already and are extremely unflattering. I don't want to know how their 2€ T-shirts have been produced, how and where!
  • Fotographers at fairs are more expensive than those not represented at fairs. And their pricing is so untransparent and complex! Argh.
  • I have a very cheap taste for rings....those I like most turn out to be steel ones!
  • I wonder how much spam all my contest participations will generate. If I win them all, I'll have way too many wedding dresses :p.
  • Weddings are a big business where they try to create more needs than you had.
  • A wine fair that gives each guest a wine glass should have more spots to rinse their glass.
  • Gallo wines from California aren't good. Old Vine Zinfandel from Renwood 2004 on the other hand...mmmmm.
  • Romenia is a wine country? I didn't taste anything but other walker-by's were very positive about their wines. Turkey really surprised us with their excellent "Kavaklidere Egeo Cabernet Sauvignon- Merlot 2005".
  • I really like the sour citrus taste of Abadia de San Campio 2007. Very good on a thirsty day!
  • I'm glad the Dutch have spread out over the world in the past so now we can find their funny names in global products :p. Aaah the humor in the label "Zondernaam" will always make me smile :). A wine brand "Lindemans" can only make me think of Brussels beer though, not wine.


Anonymous said…
Het werk van fotograaf Stef Gilissen in de Parijsstraat al gezien? Die is echt goed!

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