Recipe for a stormy fall day

  • 500 gr flour
  • 150 gr melted butter
  • 100 gr sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 4 eggs
  • 20gr yeast
  • 1 bag of vanillesugar (7gr)
  • 75cl half water/milk

Make a dip in the flour. Dissolve the yeast in some of the water and add it to flour. Add the egg yolks, sugar , vanille sugar and melted butter to the flour. Add the water/milk. Mingle it all together. Mix the egg whites solid (with the salt) and then add them gently to the dough. The let the dough rest and rise for an hour so it can double in size.

Then pour the dough in the hot iron.

Result : Belgian waffles (the way the Belgians make them) and a cosy family afternoon!!

tip to make them lighter: add sparkling water rather than "normal" water in the dough.


Korie said…
mmmm heerlijk
Jen said…
You forgot the most important ingredient - a wonderful nephew to snuggle! ;-)
anno said…
mmmmm... yum! I've never eaten waffles made with yeast, but now I think I've got to try! Thanks for posting the recipe.
blah said…
You look gorgeous in that last photo
Goofball said…
@lilacspecs: ja lekker!
@jen: of course!
@anno: oh yes, either flour that rises automatically or yeast. You want them light and crispy. Hence the sparkling water, our secret touch.
@atbab: thanks!!!!!!!!!
lies said…
Awel ja ik moet toegeven dat ik ook al dikwijls gedacht heb: die goofball pakt zo goed op foto's!
En de wafels zien er heerlijk uit!
Anonymous said…
misschien ligt het gewoon aan de fotograaf :)
Jenn in Holland said…
Mmmm! Lekker. Now I just need to find a waffle iron!

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