Sometimes someone crosses your path and they reach out to you unexpectedly when you didn't even realise yet that you needed some support so desperately. It's so heartwarming! It brought tears to my eyes.

And then I picked up this link from Jenn and it made me laugh out loud! Check it out.

Hmm I guess I had a bit of an emotional evening but it was good. And now I'm off to bed!


Jen said…
Awe.... are you okay? HUGE hugs!
lies said…
Geweldig, die link! Hopelijk alles weer ok met je
Jenn in Holland said…
Ah,I am so glad you have those somebodies to cross your path! And I am so glad you like that link as much as I do. I think it's the greatest!!
Jenn said…
Glad you are feeling better.

Snooker said…
Sorry to hear that you were having a bad evening. Hopefully the bubble wrap really helped!

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