Woohoo I just got a gift from Jan: an iPod. I have never owned an MP3 player or iPod so far. In the last years however we stopped buying CD's and we buy are music now from iTunes store. Very often it gets on Jan's iPod and it travels up to London but I forget to burn it on a CD. As a result I never listen to it. As a matter of fact I rarely listen to CD's anymore: I turn the radio on or the tv.

However recently I wanted to listen to a relaxation CD regularly which gave me some logistic problems, lacking CD-players where I wanted to do so. And now it's solved. And after 30 minutes, I had 760 songs moved from the iTunes onto my new gadget (then I stopped transferring as I got too impatient to listen to it). Oh how I love technology tonight! Can you tell I am very excited?


Jenn said…
Yeah for you, you totally deserve it! Put a Barenaked Ladies song on it for me.

Lilacspecs said…
I didn't want to give into the overpriced ipod craze so I went without for years but in April I bought a nano in the US and I use it every day. I love it!
They're amazing... it's by far my favorite toy.
Kate said…
I have a very old a knackered nano but I love it, I use it so much it barely works now!!!! Congratulations ... infact mine is on right now!! Hee Hee just realised as I was writing I'm so used to hearing it!
anno said…
Cool gift! Enjoy!
sari said…
I love my iPod, my husband got me one a few years ago.

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