An unexpected guest

In yoga class last hour I all of a sudden noticed an unexpected yoga guest in class. She was not really participating at that moment, but was quietly walking around in between the 2 people in front of me totally ignoring our teacher. Fortunately she was moving away from me.

I must say I did loose my concentration for a while and was glad I was wearing socks when I had seen the 8 long hairy legs moving around. Eeekh. Not sure if I was the only one who has noticed her, but nobody has uttered a sound during the excercises. Too bad, would have been funny if someone would have screamed :p.

Oh and since this is the second visit in one week , I think I've reached my spider ratio this fall. So if any spider is reading this blog.....please go elsewhere, I don't like you guys! The first visitor in my house doesn't live to tell you the tale anymore.


anno said…
Yikes! That would definitely break my concentration! I hope it doesn't show up again next week.
Alex Elliot said…
I'm not scared of spiders, but I would have been watching the spider instead of concentrating!
It's probably a SIGN!!! You should be doing something CREATIVE right now!!! The shaman guy I've been emailing (I KNOW I'm crazy now) would say Spider is sending you a message to get creating!!!

And, good for you with the yoga! I can't believe that person was doing that. AS a teacher, I would have kindly asked her to leave!

It's okay if you break your concentration. Those concentration-breaking moments are prime YOGA MOMENTS! When you notice your thoughts! Notice you're distracted! It's KEY. It teaches us to notice our thoughts in our daily life. So we become more aware of our thoughts when we're anxious or stressed -- SO that we can control them, and pacify them, and (as in yoga) steer them back to centre and to truth.... Make sense?? xoxo!

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