It's rare that I get up early
It's rare that I watch the news early in the morning and that it fills me with joy and hope.

Wooooohooo Barack Obama has been elected the 44th president. Yesss.

Immediately I have to think of Carol, Soccer Mom In Denial, Jen in Mi, Jenn in Holland, Snooker, ...and all the other American citizens who got inspired and hopefull by him in these elections and were campaigning. I am so happy for them! I hope their new president can now fulfill the high expectations with the same charisma he showed in his campaign.


Jen said…
It's going to be a long, hard, haul for him, due to Bush's legacy of poverty, disgrace, and war, but I think if anyone can turn us around, President Obama can.

I'm so impressed you got up early - I know that that means to you! I'm joking, but I'm also not - I'm truly touched!
Anonymous said…
Totally off topic - I saw your post over at Looking Into - they're carburetors - shortened to Carbs.
And yes, today is a great day for America!
Snooker said…
Thanks for thinking of me...
I must let you know that I think of you when I drink a Heineken

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