Nails fell on the floor
more than a decade ago
from a trembling hand.
The verdict arriv'd
Parkinson's not a tumor
First I felt reliev'd

Many pills to take,
unreadible hand writing,
no more car driving,

often sleepless nights,
new walking difficulties,
never improving...

Daily ups and downs
are your tough reality
to learn to accept.

After many tests,
tomorrow's your big day
to get surgery

Electrode implants
will stimulate your brain cells
from tomorrow on

Hope, joy, fear and stress
Your future gets defined now
We all hold our breath


Korie said…
Good luck to whoever it is getting the implants tomorrow.
Brillig said…
Gorgeously written, GB. You've captured so much emotion here. Best of luck tomorrow to whoever this loved one of yours is.
anno said…
Beautifully written and poignant -- all my heartfelt wishes for success tomorrow.
Betsy said…
Beautiful photo, Goofball! Keeping fingers crossed for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!
Jenn said…
Thinking about you and your dad today. I hope it all goes well.

Jen said…
Oh, Goofball, I'm so sorry I missed this yesterday.

I'm glad the surgery went well today and I hope your father's recovery goes as easily and quickly as possible.
Snooker said…
Oh my! I'm sorry that I missed this. All my best to your dear father in his recovery.
blah said…
Dear G, I have tears in my eyes, I hope it went well.

Love you
Kate said…
Hello love, I hope all went well or as well as can be. Sending lots of love and support through the cables xxxxxx
Alex Elliot said…
I read on Facebook that it went well. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

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