A good day

  • A lazy morning
  • Walking in the freezing quiet city
  • Going shopping with my sister and buying the perfect jewels and shoes that match the white dress.
  • Smiling at a little boy who loves his chocopudding

  • Eating "gourmet" (don't know the term in English...it's not the English word gourmet) with a glass of red wine
  • Moving all furniture to one side of the living room to scrub the floor in order to prepare it to get oiled tomorrow
  • Phoning my dad who is home since Christmas Eve by the way!
  • Procrastinating in front of tv
  • Soaking in a hot bath

I hope the remainder of my Christmas vacation looks like this :)


Haha! The monkey looks like that when she has the tiniest chocolate CHIP! ;) Happy Holidays! xoxo
Jen said…
Lovely - your whole family needs this after the last few weeks. How is your dad doing since being home?

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