Back to the seated life with almost no pain anymore

Last Thursday I hardly made it home driving back from grocery shopping. And walking around in my jeans was extremely uncomfortable as well... no stiff textures on my bottom for me yet.

Last Friday I survived a passenger ride up and down 40 min each fairly well, but I was counting down to get out of the car.

Yesterday I really wondered how on earth I'd be driving back to work next week. How would I'd be able to drive, sit all day in the office and drive back?

But today I went by train to visit my parents and I sat down for more than an hour without the need to stand up (yet I did need to wobble a bit from time to time).

So tomorrow my sickleave is over and I start working again. On one hand I am so glad to get a change after being home for 2,5 weeks straight as my days are very much looking the same each day. I am ready for some mental challenges and increased social interaction. On the other hand I love being so relaxed, I love my slow mornings, I love having my feedreader empty constantly, my ironing pile gone, having time to read books, .... I am dreading to join the ratrace again with traffic jams, meetings, complaining customers and coming home tired.

Oh well, welcome back to reality.


Carol said…
I can SOOO relate! I've about had it with the down time, though! I'm ready to go back to work. Unfortunately, I have a feeling it'll be a while...

anno said…
Glad to hear you're feeling better! And maybe with your refreshed perspective, the rat race will just seem like an interesting change of pace... Good luck!
rozebril said…
Gelukkig dat je weer de oude bent! En toch leuk, om met zoveel goesting weer te beginnen!
I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope the transition has gone well.

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