Blood of flowers

Only a week ago I was telling you what I had been reading on January 8th. I had just finished some detectives which I find good entertainment, but I felt like reading something else.

...and I'm already finished. One book in one week is very very fast for me and is a good sign that I loved reading the book. This morning I was reading during breakfast, decided to continue for another half hour before I started other chores as I didn't feel like putting it down yet, and I ended up finishing the book 2 hours later. Then I had no more excuse for postponing my chores ;).

So now I'd like to recommend "The blood of Flowers" by Anita Amirrezvani to you. It's the story of a young Iranian girl living on the countryside in the 17th century. When her dad dies suddenly , her world is shattered and they struggle in poverty after which they move to Isfahan to become the servants of an uncle. She grows up in Isfahan in a position that cannot be envied at all, yet the wonderful city also gives her possibilities she could not have experienced on the countryside. Choices come with their hopes, consequences, struggles , dilemma's and emotions.

And before you know it you are procrastinating your chores :)


anno said…
I'm always procrastinating. And this book recommendation looks like a good excuse for any bad habit... I'm going to be looking for it.
Jenn said…
Sounds good. I am going on vacation and need some good books.

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