Hockey and tall people

I just read this in the newspaper:

  • the ice hockey team from Leuven (Belgian champion) just beat a team of UBC 4 to 1 during an international tournament in Barcelona. Whoaaaahoaaa, I think I must go and see these guys at work!

    RC Polo Barcelona (Spa) - RHC Leuven (Bel) 5-3
    Dinamo Ekaterinburg (Rus) - RHC Leuven (Bel) 0-6
    Pedralbes HC (Spa) - RHC Leuven (Bel) 2-4
    RHC Leuven (Bel) - Univ. British Colombia (Can) 4-1
  • The Dutch are the tallest people on average: 181 cm for a man and 168 cm for a women (176 cm and 164 cm for the Belgians). They really need to stop drinking so much (butter)milk at lunchtime!


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