If Belgium (probably any country) makes the frontpage of CNN.com you can bet it's really not going to be good news.

This morning the biggest parental fear became reality for some parents this morning: a psychiatric patient with painted face entered a child nursery in Dendermonde and stabbed children and caretakers calmly. He has left the building and rode his bike away leaving 2 children and one of the caretakers dead and 11 other children severely wounded. In the mean time a 3 child has died already. Belgium's in shock, we've never had deadly stabbings or killings in schools or nurseries so far. The knifeman has been caught quickly at the local Aldi supermarket.

This is such a sad tragedy.

UPDATE: the final number of victims is 3: 2 children and 1 adult. There's been confusion about the number for a while.


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