A hot deep dive at the start of the new year

I don't like diving in cold water. So my outdoor diving season stops in Belgium in the winter period. Needless to say I didn't hesitate a moment when other club members asked if we felt like going to Nemo33 again, the world deepest pool in Ukkel. Last year I didn't make it to the bottom, but this time it went a lot smoother and as a result I broke my own depth record.

At -10m

Taking a rest at -33m deep (notice how much darker it already is)

Going up again


anno said…
Ahhhh... much better. Certainly warmer! Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
Supergrappig, die 3e foto :-), ziet er heel relaxed uit.
Je had nog een boek kunnen meenemen naar beneden, dan had je wat kunnen lezen om de tijd te doden
Goofball said…
@rozebril: we mochten er sowieso maar 9 min blijven, maar na 5 min waren we het beu en zijn we beginnen opstijgen. Er zaten wat andere mensen te dobbelen op de bodem :p
Jen said…
This seems much more my cup of tea. It looks like great fun!

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