Late home after all

I have difficulty going to bed early and even more with getting up early. Combined with a sore throat that came to annoy me right since I mingled in the masses again and with some PMS, you can see that I didn't feel too great today. I had to pull me through the day with a lot of coffee and I totally didn't look forward to the karting team event tonight. Gosh I would have given money to be able to just go home and crash on the sofa.

But my sense of duty to be "social" with my colleagues , my fear that "I'm feeling tired" would be a lousy late-minute cancellation, made me drive to the event anyway. I didn't cart as that seem very wise for me yet, but I end up enjoying watching all my colleagues, my boss and some consultants stress about the kart races. I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed riding among those more and less crazy drivers but it gave a good spectacle to watch.

Good night!


Snooker said…
I really enjoy a good go-kart race. Maybe I need to find something like that here in Berlin.

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