New Year's Dive in Scheveningen 2009

Since Jan made the new year's dive in Scheveningen last year, he couldn't really chicken out this year either although it was much colder. Not that he wanted to find an excuse though (hell he even scuba dived last weekend in a lake in 4C).

So we all bundled up and headed with our sleepy new year's heads to the Boulevard in Scheveningen. The crowd was considerably less as I remember we didn't make it through the people with the baby stroller. There were still 6500 people crazy enough to spash in the cold water as a way to fight their hangover (the other Dutch were gone skating since the first lakes were finally frozen). Fun to watch from the side :p

The brave Belgians who made it! Be sure to watch the movie below


anno said…
Same comment as last year: Brrrr!! Scheveningen is cold even in August! I think you are the sane one, standing on the sidelines wielding the camera. Happy New Year!

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