A tajine with beef meat balls

Even when I am so much home, I don't really cook a lot. In our home routines Jan does most of the cooking and when he's gone I eat leftovers as long as they last. But when I ran out of food, I might as well cook dinner and take some effort in it the way Jan wouldl do it.

My inspiration usually comes out of books. I really can't make meals out of my head. And I felt like a tajine again.

The meatballs are a mixture of some slices bread, an egg, a minced onion and a handfull of parsley, plenty of cumin / black pepper /paprika powder and more than half a kilo minced beef. Then the fun job of mix it all together into one smooth mass with your hands and roll balls.

For the sauce I simmered onions and then added cumin / turmeric / paprika powder and a chopped up chili pepper. Then you add chicken stock (half a liter at least) and let the meat balls boil softly for 45 minutes. Let the sauce thicken but not dry out! At the end you add some koriancer and half a lemon's juice.

I served it with couscous, baked eggplant and some tomato salad.


Lilacspecs said…
Het ziet er lekker uit.

rozebril said…
Oooooooohhhhh!!! Heerlijk! Die probeer ik binnenkort ook eens!
Alex Elliot said…
Can you come cook for me?
Carol said…
OMG, that's look delicious! Recipe, please?

All Things Bright and Beautiful said…
Oh this sounds delicious - I MUST TRY IT!!
This looks wonderful and it looks like Jan isn't the only cook in the family!
anno said…
Mmmmmm! This looks like one I'd love to try. I have to agree with Jen -- looks like you're an accomplished cook as well!
Snooker said…
Wow! It looks lovely.
Now I'm hungry!

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