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The advantage of being at home recovering, yet not being ill (and not being sleepy anymore) is that you can watch more television. And I do admit that I already watch it a lot: it's on all evenings when I'm home. But right now I have to cancel choir rehearsals, aerobics, yoga, diving practise etc... and the tv is on much more than regularly.

So here's some reviews

  • Do you know the "Doe-het-zelf-met-Roger" broadcasts on Vitaya? You know all those handyman tips to construct and renovate your house yourself? Recently we heard an interview with the guy on the radio. His name is not Roger at all! He's as a matter of fact the sixth Roger they hire for the show. And he has no special background in building either. I was so shocked. Not that I am truly surprised but I think they could have had the decency to call the show "do it yourself with André" or "do it yourself with Alan" .... Big deal ?? Now I can't see it coming by anymore without thinking all the time "Pfff you are not Roger, you have a different lame to pretend to be Roger."

  • For more than a decade already "De Zevende Dag" (=the 7th day) is a discussion program on Eén (national Flemish public non-commercial channel) about the recent politics and social events in the news on Sunday morning. Since last week they did a new restyling: bright green walls and pink sofa's??? Did they borrow a Ketnet decor from the children's channel? Yikes. And then there's commotion apparently from the public that is still present but somewhere hidden in a corner. What were they thinking?

  • Isn't 2BE broadcasting the new season from "Without a trace" yet? Damn, they just stopped apparently at the end of season 6. I suppose broadcasting season 7 already would be a little too quick and too expensive for Belgium. :( .... Ok I have to rethink my traditional Tuesday evenings. Darn, my practical ironing show is gone.

  • Has anyone noticed that Eén is truly going multimedia recently. Well I guess that's not new neither shocking or innovating. Yet I find it a bit weird that a long-time soap like "Thuis" (home) which I do follow on an on and off basis for years now has a blogging neighbour now who truly interacts with her commenters and makes extra interviews with the charachters etc. And on Facebook some of the characters like Femke Fierens and Peter Vlerick that get status updates, added pictures, etc... in synchronisation with the events on tv etc.. That's still different from fan groups and fan pages on Facebook. It's a bit creepy how fiction and reality mixes there.

    and the hilarious thing is that some colleague actors are friends of them, eg Femke's stepdad is connected to her but not as the show's character but as the actor's own profile (for as far as it is truly his, but it seems protected so could be real).

    If you wonder whether I want to connect to these characters on Facebook since I am a fairly loyal viewer? No, the answer is no. I do not want to connect to fake characters and thereby giving unknown show editors access to my profile as well.
    Who said our online reputation, authenticity would become more important in 2009 and defriending would be a trend? Right, Bart?

    But I still find it amusing to see shows like "Thuis" trying to be modern and jump on the bandwagon of facebook, blogging, .... on their multimedia approach. Whaaaa, Thuis is everywhere ;).

  • Bart De Wever has now sufficiently proven he's a smart guy ...I do hope he doesn't break the record in this year's edition of "The slimste mens" (the smartest human). Don't exaggerate, ok? I wouldn't enjoy the fact that a separatist politician would pretend he's the smartest, no matter how ironic the quiz's title is.
  • I must check when the rerun of "Zonde van de Zendtijd" will be broadcast. We missed it again on Monday evening but last week we saw the first episode on a different day on Canvas+ or something. I saw a clip here and it looks pretty funny.

Ok enough reviews and comments now....I've got some programs to watch ;)


rozebril said…
Wat??????? Roger is niet écht Roger???? Dat meen je niet! Ik was FAN van die man! Luk en ik zeggen het altijd tegen mekaar als we aan het verbouwen zijn, om elkaar moed in te praten: "Wat je zelf doet, doe je meestal beter!"
Drun said…
Roger komt oorspronkelijk van AVS, en de allereerste was idd Roger. Sindsdien blijft de naam meegaan, maar is de man vervangen. Ik vind dat eigenlijk niet erg... Zelfs niet dat er altijd een gans team komt helpen bij zijn renovaties :-p Ik steek ondanks alles toch altijd wat op van zijn bezigheden.

Enne, Ellen: wist je dat Henk van ZvdZ vroeger de beste maat van Roeland was? Hij is ook van Zomergem, en ze zijn zelfs samen op kot gegaan. En ja, ik heb bv nog met hen terrasjes gedaan op de Korenmarkt, en toen al zei iedereen altijd dat hij stand-upper moest worden :-p
Lilacspecs said…
Oy, yeah, we were watching De Sevende Dag and I mistook it for a Dutch show cause of those crazy colors.
anno said…
Love these summaries! Good to know you have something to entertain you while you recuperate!
Goofball said…
@rozebril: ik weet het, straf eh! Je hebt net dezelfde reactie als ik. Alle nu "Roger" is toch een boegbeeld.

@Drun: ja ik ken hem van AVS van toen ik nog in Gent woonde. Ik kan me toch niet inbeelden dat ik zo al 6 verschillende "Rogers" zien voorbij komen heb.
Dat je Henk kende wist ik wel, want hij is ook van Zomergem eh. Je bent op FB ook met hem gelinkt. Maar ik wist niet hoe goed je hem persoonlijk kent.

@Lilacspecs: isn't it hideous? Gosh, poor presenters that have to sit in it.

@anno: glad to hear you enjoy reading this even if you probably don't have a clue which programs I am talking about :p
Betsy said…
Hope you recover quickly but am glad that you're being entertained in the meantime!

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